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All objects were built from wireframe polygons and are shown as rendered, unretouched.


General view - toward Tomb of Perneb room   General view - toward Temple of Dendur room 

Welcome to the Campana Virtual Museum -- Egyptian Exhibit

This exhibit is filled with over 40 virtual artifacts from museums around the world, including the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met), 
the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the British Museum, which also provided the basic layout of the rooms.   The objects, which include the 
Rosetta Stone,  a version of King Tutankhamon's burial mask, coffins, mummies, funerary items, and many works of art, were modeled 
and textured using 2D photos of the actual items.  The tomb and temple in the adjacent rooms (which are currently closed 
to visitors) were adapted from displays at the Met.

General view    Royal Couple (Semenkhare & Meritaten ?) ca. 1335 b.c.

Sarcophagus of Madja (ca. 1490-1470 b.c.) and sarcophagus of Soutymes (ca. 1000 b.c.)    Coffins with wall art in background

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